How to prepare a WPSC shop to be iPhone (iPod Touch) compatible ? [updated]

1) Verify that your WP site has a current theme (for all browsers) and a theme for iPhone and if the xilitheme-select plugin is installed and activated.

2) To introduce (for webmaster) :

WPSC is a plugin that install the « shop » in a page (not a post) and subpage. iPhone module will use this feature to include a special template for these ‘shop’ pages. In the iTouch demo, the Template Name : mobile-shoppage is inserted in the top of the file page-shop.php in the theme. (see WP Page codex about template)

3) To preparing

If your current theme (for default browsers), create a template page by duplication the page.php or create a new one with a Template Name

After go in the admin UI and select this Template for all the pages of the shop.

– it is very important that the Template Name must be the same in the template file in the current theme and in the « itouch » theme folder.
So when WP detect the iPhone AND the shop pages, it will deliver an optimized UI.

4) Themes in WPSC :

WPSC plugin has his own themes folder – It is the look of the shop include in the pages of the shop in current folders.
iPhone Module (in Gold Cart) has also his themes folder containing « look » sent especially to iPhone / IPod browser.

Next post will present how to personalize a shop by modifying the default delivered template


Why the iPhone kit for Gold-Cart of WPSC is not plug and play ?

Each shop must have its own personality. You have to adapt the style (.css) and the logo and the way how the shop in implemented in your site.

In this period, the software of WPSC plugin is constantly changing. (From RC1 to a stable release- RC3 Dec 8th).

We offer support for the first subscriber.

What to do in pages created by WPSC plugin in the site ?

These pages contain shortcodes ‘productspage’ .

To add the dynamic menu at the end of the pages as presented in iPhone / iPod touch screen add just after it the shortcode ‘xili_wpsc4touchnav’.

The result in content is ‘productspage’ ‘xili_wpsc4touchnav’ (replace ‘ by [ or ])

Please note that WPSC shortcode is not a real shortcode as documented in WP codex because it must be always the first of the page content.

Don’t forget also to verify that the choice of template page is adequate.