WordPress for iphone: putting into practice…

We’are just informed by WP that WordPress for iPhone 2 is now available on the App Store.
Caution: Admin’s side is not visitor’s side of a website… This application embedded in your iPhone (or iPod Touch) provides a cool way to admin (for editor and authors) your blog or your CMS. (Posts, comments, photos,…). A right name could be « Admin WordPress with iPhone » !
On the visitor’s side, you can leave the current theme as is (iphone-safari browser is efficient). But, far better, you can also use some plugins providing automatic theme transform (look and feel) or automatic selection between a current theme and a specific theme created by you. This selection is the purpose of xilitheme-select plugin. For support questions, use the forum.
Here, on xiliphone.mobi, we test some new features and we present case studies.