WP e-commerce : how to prepare for iTouchShop module – step #1


WordPress 2.8.2

with plugin xilitheme-select and two themes (one for current browser, one for iPhone / iPod Touch safari)

WPEC 3.7
Gold Cart shop (latest release downloaded recently)

How to test the shop :

iPhone / iPod Touch
or a simulator on your Mac
or Safari 4.0.2 with developer option checked inside « Advanced » tab in preferences

Inside the theme(s) :

As you know WPEC is inserted inside the body of a page. So it is better to prepare a special page template for the shop (see codex). And if a template is named pageshop.php inside the theme for current browser, inside the theme for iPhone/iTouch, a file with the same name must here. Inside Page Edit, don’t forget to select the shop template. The look of this shop for iPhone is very specific including navigation features.

Inside the Gold Cart shop
(folder gold_cart_files in folder wp-content/uploads/wpsc/upgrades) put the touchShop folder (available soon). The theme of the shop must in the themes folder. The root file touchShopCore.php contains all the mecanisms to detect and to display when a mobile is running. This part works only if xilitheme-select plugin is active and if your licence Gold Cart is registered.

Next step : first install of the demo theme shipped with touchShop module