WordPress for iphone: putting into practice…

We’are just informed by WP that WordPress for iPhone 2 is now available on the App Store.
Caution: Admin’s side is not visitor’s side of a website… This application embedded in your iPhone (or iPod Touch) provides a cool way to admin (for editor and authors) your blog or your CMS. (Posts, comments, photos,…). A right name could be « Admin WordPress with iPhone » !
On the visitor’s side, you can leave the current theme as is (iphone-safari browser is efficient). But, far better, you can also use some plugins providing automatic theme transform (look and feel) or automatic selection between a current theme and a specific theme created by you. This selection is the purpose of xilitheme-select plugin. For support questions, use the forum.
Here, on xiliphone.mobi, we test some new features and we present case studies.


WP e-commerce : how to prepare for iTouchShop module – step #1


WordPress 2.8.2

with plugin xilitheme-select and two themes (one for current browser, one for iPhone / iPod Touch safari)

WPEC 3.7
Gold Cart shop (latest release downloaded recently)

How to test the shop :

iPhone / iPod Touch
or a simulator on your Mac
or Safari 4.0.2 with developer option checked inside « Advanced » tab in preferences

Inside the theme(s) :

As you know WPEC is inserted inside the body of a page. So it is better to prepare a special page template for the shop (see codex). And if a template is named pageshop.php inside the theme for current browser, inside the theme for iPhone/iTouch, a file with the same name must here. Inside Page Edit, don’t forget to select the shop template. The look of this shop for iPhone is very specific including navigation features.

Inside the Gold Cart shop
(folder gold_cart_files in folder wp-content/uploads/wpsc/upgrades) put the touchShop folder (available soon). The theme of the shop must in the themes folder. The root file touchShopCore.php contains all the mecanisms to detect and to display when a mobile is running. This part works only if xilitheme-select plugin is active and if your licence Gold Cart is registered.

Next step : first install of the demo theme shipped with touchShop module

Whoooh : Tests with WPEC 3.7 rc and WP 2.8.1 begin…

After a long trip under stress inside the source of WP E-commerce plugin, this day, this demo website for iPhone / iPod touch is updated with the latest release of WordPress (2.8.1) and the lastest version of WPEC (3.7 rc1) of instinct.nz.
Now, we are ready to finalyze the kit to transform the plugin for delivering nice UI when your customers will visit you shop with touch mobile like iPhone or iPod touch.

It was long to arrive at this step because a big strom occurs inside the source of WP e-Commerce (previous WP Shopping Cart). A lot of new features, better code architecture but remaining annoying old lines of code… Instinct works hard…

Soon more info and don’t hesitate to contact us.

July 14th

Shopping ready for iPhone 3.0

Snapshot of TouchShop on OS 3.0
Snapshot of TouchShop on OS 3.0

The lastest Safari of iPhone OS 3.0 is more rigorous for CSS decoding. Here, css file is adapted and the touchShop is now again iPhone 3.0 compatible.

Due to delay of instinct.nz to deliver a compatible wp-e-commerce, the adaptation for WordPress 2.8 is on the roadmap in the next weeks.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to prepare your migration.

CAUTION : If you use WP-E-Commerce, don’t upgrade your site to WordPress 2.8 !

e-shopping with iPhone in your hand !


La boutique en main
A shop in hand
Is it possible with CMS WordPress to build a e-shop that is in the hand of the clients ? Yes ! Below here some infos about offer xiliphone.mobi :
– Optimum User Interface for iPhone or l’iPod Touch with the « webkit » features.
– Large screen to present products.
– A readable Cart.
– Addons to promotion or special price campaigns.
– …[/overflow]


La liste
La liste
UI tailored to the iPhone
– For optimum readability, usability and very easy browsing.
– The maximum information (text, illustration, price ,…).
– And one click ordering without looking at the details of the article by the presence of the button « Add to Cart » inserted in the list.
– A click on the photo or the title allows access to the product file.
– A layout images optimized for maximum information.
– …[/overflow]


La fiche article
La fiche article
A screen product for clearer information.
A sheet article detailed and clear:
The following informations are displayed :
– The name of the shop and its logo.
– The product and its price.
– A photo.
– A special optional translucent overlay.
– The description.
– The group (category) where the product is stored (and you can easily return the list.)
– An addition to the easy cart
– A return to the home of the shop.
– Direct access to the cart.
– …


Le panier
Le panier
A readable summary of the contents of the cart:

– Products are listed with quantities.
– The totals include VAT if necessary.
– The entries for the command are displayed in your cart.
– The ability to change quantities before ordering.
– As an option, it will be possible to have a synthesis « visual content »of the cart.[/overflow]


Mention prix spécial
Mention prix spécial
The graphic transformation of « special » module price that provides WPSC.
– The old price strikethrough!
– The new price is stated in clear.
– The mention special prize is added bias.
– The information is under the product image
– …[/overflow]


Liste enrichie
Liste enrichie
The markers appear at display of the list :
– The reference price on special printing on a translucent.
– The old price remains visible next to the new price written widely.
– Information about the existence of alternatives order.
– The star that you can click to see more information.


All these specifications about the shop are available: DemoShop F2V here .

The look of the shop is obviously different if it is visited with a current browser (like Firefox) or with the iPhone. Some features appear on iPhones (iPod Touch) with the OS 2.x.


On the left, this is the look of this article as an iPhone user can view it.

The team xiligroup is available to design the look of your shop in harmony with the design of your business identity. Please use contact form.

MS 081119

How to prepare a WPSC shop to be iPhone (iPod Touch) compatible ? [updated]

1) Verify that your WP site has a current theme (for all browsers) and a theme for iPhone and if the xilitheme-select plugin is installed and activated.

2) To introduce (for webmaster) :

WPSC is a plugin that install the « shop » in a page (not a post) and subpage. iPhone module will use this feature to include a special template for these ‘shop’ pages. In the iTouch demo, the Template Name : mobile-shoppage is inserted in the top of the file page-shop.php in the theme. (see WP Page codex about template)

3) To preparing

If your current theme (for default browsers), create a template page by duplication the page.php or create a new one with a Template Name

After go in the admin UI and select this Template for all the pages of the shop.

– it is very important that the Template Name must be the same in the template file in the current theme and in the « itouch » theme folder.
So when WP detect the iPhone AND the shop pages, it will deliver an optimized UI.

4) Themes in WPSC :

WPSC plugin has his own themes folder – It is the look of the shop include in the pages of the shop in current folders.
iPhone Module (in Gold Cart) has also his themes folder containing « look » sent especially to iPhone / IPod browser.

Next post will present how to personalize a shop by modifying the default delivered template


Why the iPhone kit for Gold-Cart of WPSC is not plug and play ?

Each shop must have its own personality. You have to adapt the style (.css) and the logo and the way how the shop in implemented in your site.

In this period, the software of WPSC plugin is constantly changing. (From RC1 to a stable release- RC3 Dec 8th).

We offer support for the first subscriber.

What to do in pages created by WPSC plugin in the site ?

These pages contain shortcodes ‘productspage’ .

To add the dynamic menu at the end of the pages as presented in iPhone / iPod touch screen add just after it the shortcode ‘xili_wpsc4touchnav’.

The result in content is ‘productspage’ ‘xili_wpsc4touchnav’ (replace ‘ by [ or ])

Please note that WPSC shortcode is not a real shortcode as documented in WP codex because it must be always the first of the page content.

Don’t forget also to verify that the choice of template page is adequate.